All Around Docks is the only company in Florida that specializes in piling wrap protection. Our most demanded product, named “Piling Shield System”, consists of multiple layers of armor to stop existing and prevent future piling deterioration caused by marine wood borer activity. This protection system can extend the life of your pilings up to 4 times longer.

We also offer the highly effective “Piling Reinforcement System” for severely marine wood borer damage. Our latest development is a composite reinforcement that greatly strengthens weakened and damaged pilings. This is a great and cost effective alternative to replacing your pilings.

How do we effectively protect your waterfront investment? First, we clean and inspect your pilings throughout the water’s depth. We don’t look just within the tidal range on your piling. We go completely down to the mud line/sand line and beyond.

Why do we do this? Because we witnessed the destruction that marine wood borers have caused within the complete range of the water’s depths, not just at the tidal range, as many misinformed marine contractors and dock owners believe. Whether the depth is 2 feet or 20, we have seen destruction by these marine pests at all different levels.

Our installed systems completely encapsulate the pilings to below the mud line/sand line This stops all existing wood borer activity by isolating the piling from the oxygen rich water and light needed by the wood borers to exist and survive. This also prevents future attack by marine wood borers since no part of piling is exposed to the open waters.

We have replaced many poorly installed piling wraps by other companies. The most common replacement is the ‘one sheet’ or ‘one wrap’ installation, where only the tidal zone is covered. This provides ineffective protection since the piling is exposed in water depths of 4 feet and deeper. Sure, the owner saved money on the original job, but did the owner actually get true piling protection? Why gamble with your valuable waterfront asset when you can have assurance and our guarantee with the only company who specializes in piling wrap protection?

All Around Docks has been serving private, public, and commercial docks and marinas throughout Florida and the Caribbean since 1995. Our systems have been installed in prestigious Palm Beach County communities including Admirals Cove, Jonathans Landing, Frenchmans Creek, Cypress Island, Isles of Jupiter, Jupiter Inlet Colony, to name a few. In Martin County, you can find us in Yacht and Country Club, Sewall’s Point, Rocky Point, Sailfish Point, and many more.

We also provide maintenance and repair for your waterfront assets, including cleaning and sealing/staining decks, deck board replacement, installations of fenders, ladders, fish tables, piling caps, and more.

All Around Docks contribution to going green.

Imagine the thousands of pilings we’ve saved since 1995, the thousands of trees we’ve saved, the hundreds of thousands of dollars we’ve preserved, and the waterfront values we’ve maintained for the many owners and businesses along Florida’s coastal waters since 1995. We can do the same for you.


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